Creatures of the Air and Sea - Based on Genesis 1:20-23
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After a long lazy night of staring up into the heavens, a new day came. It was the fifth day now and I began to notice some strange sounds nearby. At first I couldn’t tell what the sounds were or where they were coming from. At last I spotted what appeared to be a large flock of birds and flying insects of all kinds.  Swarms of these incredible creatures were racing their way through the brilliant blue sky. Their colors were stunning as they sailed through the air, and their gracefulness was bewitching. I was entranced by the wondrous sight; although I quickly snapped out of my spellbound state, when a short while later, I heard a great splash just a short distance away from where I was sitting. I quickly realized that I was witnessing the birth of ocean life. The lustrous waters had become filled w...

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Table of Contents

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