Cosmic Illumination - Based on Genesis 1:14-19
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On the fourth day, I awoke to a brilliant light that blazed down upon me from the heavens. The light was so intense that my eyes burned immediately upon glancing in the direction of the source. As the day went on, my skin became like leather and a searing pain shot through my skin at the slightest touch. I recognized this great light as the sun and then noticed another great light gradually appear over the length of the day. This new light appeared to be very faint at first, but grew brighter with each hour that passed. Finally, at its apex, it shone like a great lantern in the sky and the light it bore formed shadows on the cool dry ground. Then, all of a sudden, I began to see smaller lights appearing randomly. Their brightness was subtle at first and then became more intense as more lights began to surface...

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Table of Contents

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