Obsidian Water - Based on Genesis 1:6-8
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The next day I awakened to an incredible sight. The waters were flowing upward like a reverse waterfall and the curious stream was accumulating into a sizable pool which hovered above my head. Tiny droplets rained down like onyx colored crystals all around me. The water continued to flow upward until nightfall.  Then all of a sudden like a faucet that was abruptly turned off, the waters became silent and still; resembling a plate of glass. The water above became a window to the heavens and the water below was completely lifeless. Soon all became pitch-black and the silence was deafening once more. I stared out into the darkness until my eyes began to tear from straining so hard.  I yearned to see something, anything at all. Eventually my body gave way to the empty solitude all around me and once again I fell into a deep sleep....

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Table of Contents

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