The Birth of a New World - Based on Genesis 1: 1-5
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There I was, standing in the midst of our God, witnessing the birth of our world. A new world, unlike the one that had recently been destroyed by pure envy and an evil desire for power. The dark waters were rippling softly, as if someone or something was lightly touching the surface from above. There was a cool breeze stirring the thick black liquid, and as I looked out into the darkness, the silence was deafening. Then all of a sudden, I heard a great voice say, “Let there be light." In an instant there shone a light so bright that I was left temporarily blinded. The radiant glow upon my face was warm and inviting, and brought with it a sense of joy like none I had ever experienced. I could finally see the viscous silvery waters clearly, as they glittered and gleamed brightly in the midst of the intense ligh...

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