Quinn Chapter 12: City of Black and White (2)
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carcass. “The guy in it has been following us.”

“That’s good!” he says, still not able to shake off enough cobwebs to spot the problem. “No, not good! They know we’re here! I mean here, here. See that city over there? That’s Titan! RIGHT THERE!”

He wants to put the words together with their meaning, but they just won’t click. Instead of wasting more time with useless talk, I simply drag him up and off the ground. I carry him back to the truck when his feet can’t keep up with my growing anxiety. But his wobbly legs crumble completely when I have to set him down to open the car door. He collapses in the slowest, most awkward fall of all time. Although, when he looks up at me, his helpless expression...

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