Quinn Chapter 10: Where the Light is (1)
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A bubbling pool of gore swirls down the drain beneath me. It takes with it the last breath of a soulless person. The world is a better place without him, so this kill won’t stain like all the rest. Some sins are forgivable. His were not.

Even after the evil creature (I can’t call it a man) is gone, my monster craves more. It needs further violence. All I want is to unhook Hayden and make our escape. All it wants is to taste all the salty treats running for their lives.

I tame the inner beast by concentrating on the pale Hayden hooked up to countless tubes and wires. It sends the monster back to whatever hidden place he calls home. While it’s gone, it doesn’t go far. I can still sense him occupying my thoughts. He tempts me to do the destructive things <...

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