Quinn Chapter 9: Money Maker (1)
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The bottom of my chest abruptly falls out. All these people are living blood farms! It brings a sudden rush of traumatic memories from the feeding lines back home. I’ve been on the wrong side of a bleeding needle before. The feeling of someone slowly draining your life is an emptiness that never fades.

Nick snaps me back to reality with a limp-wristed pinch. “Don’t you be scared, honey. Maybe we can keep your sweet cheeks out of there?” He doesn’t even pretend to look at anything other than my breasts.

I unintentionally break my pretend-to-be-sexy act for only a moment. Either a disgusted look, or hateful smirk, leaks out and causes the slimy prick to back away. I’m going to be in those things next to Hayden if I don’t recover quickly. He needs to...

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