Quinn Chapter 8: Love Don’t Live Here (2)
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he responds with a sharp squawk. He’s obviously not used to anyone flirting with him. Like, ever.  

“…but my friends call me Diesel.”

“I’m sure they do! And I see why! Look at those big, strong muscles!” I worry about laying it on too thick, except it doesn’t take my super senses to hear his racing heartbeat, or see the tiny bulge forming in his pants. I continue to spew more sweet-sounding lies, “Would you flex those big muscles for me? I want to see that strong body!” He stammers while flexing the little mounds of sadness on both arms.

“The right muscle is so much bigger than the left!”  

“That’s my gaming hand!” the silver-tongued Romeo excitedly exclaims while circling me. It rolls from his to...

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