Quinn Chapter 7: Remedy
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I don’t wake up until a particularly harsh bump bounces my sleeping head off the steel slab. The abrupt awakening leaves me struggling to make sense of the endless smear of blurred colors rushing by. It seems my mind is having a very hard time recovering from the extended forced nap. Even the basics are gone, like who I am and how I got here are completely lost in the fog.

Discovering the lifeless Hayden helps to fill in some of the missing pieces. Falling out of Vegas, Mr. Templeton, those crazy cute robot kids, the Rat bastard, and of course, my family. That part, I wish I could forget again.

One major difference is our location. This certainly isn’t the lifeless desert anymore. There’s actually stuff here. Not good stuff, though—most of it is on fire.

The worst ar...

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Table of Contents

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