Quinn Chapter 6: All Time Low (2)
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me with that darting tongue of his. 

“Get your ass up here.” This time I don’t struggle; visibly.

Fearing the loss of my ability to breathe again, I test the limits of my restraints a little more casually. Little things, like stretching to see how secure the collar is, or tugging at the cuffs while walking to see how far they’ll reach. But, sadly, I’m already by the side of a large truck before finding out if any of it would’ve worked.

This is also when I get my first view of Hayden. He has the same fresh blood trails leaking down his chin. His feet and ankles are also tied like mine. However, Rat’s partner hasn’t bothered with the leash because he’s still out cold. It’s easy for him to drag Hayden up to the rear of an oddl...

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