Quinn Chapter 5: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
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I’m lost, floating in limbo, while the harsh voice assaults me. It spews long chains of cruelty that slowly chew on my sanity. My only comfort is the ghost of the boy still lingering in the darkness. Soon though, even his sweet face begins filling me with a deep bitterness.

He’s gone.

That fantastic world, gone.

I try taking my anger out on the supernatural voice, only to find the intense pain of moving my dehydrated body has returned. Frustration leaves me stuck between these two worlds; my heart belongs to the beautiful meadow, while the venomous voice anchors me in this desolate hole. If it would only shut up, I could return to the warmth of the golden boy.  

The poisonous words have me imagining things slithering in the darkness. They plant ideas th...

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Table of Contents

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