Quinn Chapter 2: House of the Rising Sun (1)
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My feet hurt from the regrettable combination of cheap boots and hours of walking absolutely nowhere. Hayden hasn’t said a word in an unbelievably long time. He’s spent most of that time staring at the ground. Not to be rude, but it’s been a welcome break from the constant dribble. For a person who talks all the time, he never really says much.

The unexpected break gives me time to focus on things like the slight warming of the air. There’s been an icy breeze my thin hoodie hasn’t been able to keep out, so I’ll celebrate even a few degrees’ change. It’s also a sign that the long, cold night is finally coming to an end. Feeling can now return to my long-frozen cheeks. They savor the subtle warmth coming in from a rapidly changing sky. In fact, e...

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