Quinn Chapter 1: Come in from the cold (3)
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I unexpectedly find a young boy locked at the end of my unbreakable grip. The shocking discovery comes as teeth are already snapping toward his exposed neck. I force them away, but not before they carve a shallow valley from the underside of his chin. The taste of blood threatens to send me into a frenzy to cure the craving.

I’m fighting to cling to what little control I have left. The panicked crowd doesn’t help by weakly attacking me. The only thing they’re hurting is my already loose grip on reality, and shoving me away from a kid I already wanted away from! I try carefully swatting them back before this gets even worse than it already is.

They wisely choose to leave me alone after the first few fly off. The diversion gives me an opportunity to escape during th...

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Table of Contents

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