Quinn Chapter 1: Come in from the cold (2)
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again. My leg muscles want to push so hard that I’m almost skipping around the room. It’s odd to feel so fragile and yet crush everything I touch.

And hearing, don’t even get me started on hearing. It takes serious concentration to not pick up absolutely everything! Every scurrying bug, whistling nose hairs, grass growing… EVERY. DAMN. THING is amplified so much that it’s hard to hear any of it! It’s all one big tangled mess of noise.

I gently pry the door open to go in search of distractions.  My hand, predictably, crushes the handle into a crumpled wad of aluminum foil. Not even this wakes the hibernating Hayden. Good. The last thing I want to hear is how unsafe going out alone is. Before I accidently do something that doe...

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Table of Contents

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