Chapter 29: Waiting for My Rocket to Come (2)
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affectionately pulls them in close to her. “And that grumpy Gus over there is Tom.”

“Servo!” shouts robo-man.

“Your name is Tom!” she snaps back.

Nila acts like any typical flesh-and-blood woman who’s agitated with her husband. Complete with attitude and a swing in her hips. She even bats digital eyes while sternly correcting him. Without saying another word, Servo presses a small panel to reveal a hidden door along the far wall. He wastes no more time on us and stomps bullishly from the room. This leaves it up to Nila to invite us in their home, which she joyfully does.   

Stepping over the threshold is like traveling back in time. My heels are in a dingy aluminum room, but my toes are all...

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