Chapter 24: Chasing the Sun (1)
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It takes a while to accept this new way of life. I mean, you live as one person, with certain rules of how to sleep and eat, then all that leaves in the blink of an eye. The monster seeps its sticky black fingers into every little crevice of your being. Concepts like murder and morality become innocent victims to the altar of satisfying it.

True story: I once knew a guy who was a vegetarian his entire human life. Well, after the change he couldn’t control that anymore. He would literally go vomit after every bloody meal. He was so disgusted that he’d refuse to eat until his monster would eventually make him. He woke up from these blind rampages with no memory of the terrible things he had done. There were only countless pools of blood to let him know that it definitely wasn’t...

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Table of Contents

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