Chapter 18: Uncharted (1)
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A jarring pain stops me from aimlessly drifting away on an endless sea. The cause is unknown, but it seizes the entire right side of my body from head to toe. It hastily parts the unconscious clouds and commands me back to life. Even with eyes struggling with the hazy fog, it doesn’t take much to track down the source of torment. Quinn’s delicate hand is quickly turning my fingers into pretzels without the salt! The vampire infection is spreading so rapidly that she’s stuck shaking violently on the ground, not to mention, crushing every damn bone in my hand!

The thumb is the first to give out under the pressure.  It now has two bends like the rest of the regular fingers; this one just happens to go back in the opposite direction. Several more fingers end up snapping before I can wran...

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Table of Contents

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