Chapter 16: Burn It Down (2)
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world when my feet touch down on the smooth pavement. Nothing about this charming town is like the ratty, boarded-up coliseum inside. Instead of blood-smeared walls and dirt, there are flawlessly manicured streets running between flat modern buildings. Even the bushes have been trimmed into perfectly sculpted hedges on every corner. Fittingly, all the street lights resemble old Victorian gaslights. Their fake flames burn with a deceptively inviting warmth.

The only similarities between the coliseum and city out here are a shared love of enormous windows and steel beams. Those are nearly identical to the sinister glass castle inside, except they aren’t covered in every form of liquid formerly found inside of a human body.

The crowd roars up again, and reminds me of my burning desire to kill everyone insid...

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Table of Contents

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