Chapter 14: Rockin’ A Hard Place (2)
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hard places. Specifically, the cramped walls and two maniacs tumbling toward him.


The twin hunters are frighteningly identical in every way, except one wears a jade green vest, while the other’s is dark blue. They resemble circus monkeys with entire velvet outfits matching their ridiculous vests. Both are covered in the same scraggly red hair and lengthy beards. One of the only things not covered by the ginger straw are their piss-colored teeth and eyes.

The boy begins shouting frantically for his family to head back down the hall. Although, with the dad hobbled so badly, they’re cut off before they even begin. The brutish cavemen tumble around the group like lions circling a wounded elk. The green one smashes off the glass in a show of strength or (depending on your point of v...

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