Chapter 14: Rockin’ A Hard Place (1)
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Outrageously dressed hunters begin making flamboyant entrances throughout the arena. Each one brings their own distinct version of hyping up the already fanatical crowd. Some do it by beating their chest like rampaging gorillas, one drags claws down the dirty glass walls, while others flip and tumble to show off their incredible athleticism.

And it works to a scary degree. Every face in the crowd has the same unmistakable lust for violence. They pound fists and stomp feet; smash into one another. The kids even hold up hand-painted signs with the name of their favorite hunter. These aren’t killers to them; they’re heroes.

After the showboating ends, the lights outside the castle disappear. This leaves only the glass prison to shine in the bleak night. The glowing floors flash with the beat of th...

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