Chapter 11: Living for Two (1)
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I quickly make good on the promise of two orders of the largest fries known to man. We immediately drown them in about a gallon of very pungent vinegar as soon as they’re handed to us. There’s a common misconception that vampires can’t eat regular food anymore. Bullshit. I would’ve run a stake through my own heart if I couldn’t occasionally munch on a New York-style cheesecake. It’s only because I like the taste though; it doesn’t “feed” me anymore. The vampire virus keeps my metabolic rate so high, I’m basically running on overdrive all the time. That’s also where the advanced senses and strength come from.  

The downside to this “gift” is the virus literally eats me alive. Red blood cells are the fuel driving the virus, and they&...

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Table of Contents

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