Chapter 7: Bat Out of Hell (2)
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faint light is cutting through the void.


I can finally see the terrified face staring up at me. Her innocent blue eyes trigger a brand-new memory that consumes my world. This one begins with the pudgy smile of a newborn baby. His soft pink cheeks are wrinkled into two round dimples of joy. He’s a bundle of perfection wrapped in equally impeccable white linen. His hand-carved wooden crib looks oddly out of place in the cold steel room we’re in.  

Gathered around him is a diverse crowd of important-looking people. All of them are decked out in spotless uniforms and perfectly pressed suits to showcase their important status. They’re undoubtedly mutts; they all have a permanent smirk of arrogance and vampire cologne (AKA blood).

This has the distinct feeling of be...

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