Chapter 5: Mouth of Madness (1)
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Without eyes, I have to feel around in the shadows. It’s mostly the same old slime and gore, except for the one thin crack that leads off to who knows where. My heart pounds at the thought of blindly following the scent into a hole that’s barely wider than a barstool. It won’t stop me, but my inner voice is going hoarse from all the shouting.

My hands cautiously lead each apprehensive step I make away from the main chamber. After reaching the first corner, the narrow tunnel abruptly opens up, which this is somehow much, much worse. Without being able to touch both walls, I suddenly find myself hugging every rock to slide along. Half the time, the darkness is smothering; other times, I’m floating in a vast abyss. It’s a nerve-wracking rollercoaster that’s far too reminisce...

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