Chapter 2: Shovels & Dirt (2)
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new. The world I came back to was completely different than the one I had left! Everything was now magnified as if the volume of life had been turned up to eleven. Every drop of rain now sent shockwaves rattling throughout my motionless body. The tiny droplets collided with the weight of mighty boulders! And not only could I hear the squirrel scurrying in the pine fifty yards away, but I could feel every single needle scrape its fur.

The massive variety of sounds allowed me to paint a vivid portrait of the world in my mind. The longer I listened, the clearer it became. It was both astonishing and confusing at the same time! I laid there, lost in the soundtrack of life, as if I were hearing it for the first time. It was that much different from everything I’d ever known.


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