Chapter 1: Call of the Wild (2)
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I walked near its cage. I even had a typical job in a sporting goods store. Aisles 12-17, “Camping & Outdoors”, were my domain. If little Johnny needed a sleeping bag, or you wanted to know the difference between nylon and canvas tents, I was your man. It was a simple life for a simple guy. I had a few friends that, in retrospect, were only people to surround myself with. But that’s what life was all about back then.


Right up until the very eventful evening of July 2, 2023. That’s the exact date my world decided to come crashing down around me. And as cliché as it sounds, it happened by walking down the wrong dark alley, at the wrong damn time.

There was nothing unusual about that Saturday night. It was a typical night of closing down the local...

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Table of Contents

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