Pragmatic Ponderings
By Sobia JW

C.C. Winchester      10/21/20 5:50 PM

Love the first poem! The last stanza (is that the right term?) really speaks to me! My practical self is constantly striking down my inner child, but since I'm still writing, it seems my inner child hasn't given up!
C.C. Winchester      10/22/20 12:14 PM
You're welcome, Sobia and thank you for subscribing to my series! (Both of them :)) Writing really does tap into the hopes and dreams of that tiny human inside us that never gives up!

Sobia Jamshed      10/22/20 3:52 AM
I’m happy you liked the poem and could relate to it. Indeed, we all leave our inner child behind in the process of growing up, and yet that’s the essential part of our true selves. Writing truly brings our natural form to life again. We just need to keep that tiny human within us alive. Thank you for your feedback and love.

Carla Conorino      10/21/20 6:33 PM