FIVE: Thirteen Birds (1)
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I snapped my head around to look.

A woman in running pants and a singlet was sprinting across the park, chasing after a big black Labrador. The Labrador was hurtling full speed toward a tiny white Terrier, tongue lolling out and a wild smile on its face.

From behind the woman, a man came running as well, clutching his hat to his chest as he joined in the chase. The woman kept screaming dramatically, ‘Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!’

Every soul in the park had stopped talking about the rain and was intently watching this ridiculous chase.

The Labrador bore down on the Terrier and bowled it over. It barrel-rolled and landed back on its feet with a few small specks of mud in its white fur. The two dogs sniffed each other’s noses and inspected each other’s bodies. Their owne...

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