TWO: Briefcase Full of Detergent (1)
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What every child longs for is a sense of strength, comfort and love in their household. I lacked this from a very young age. I believe it was then I started yearning for the isolation I have now achieved.

I was a small, skinny, sad little boy for my part. My striped shirts and blue shorts were what I held most dear. Whenever I was given new shoes, I would insist on sleeping in them, such was my joy at material items. They reassured me of the love of my parents.

My father was a businessman; a door-to-door salesman of cleaning products. How soulless and sad this seems when putting it into a sentence, yet it was truly admirable when I was a child. His business was quite successful, but he used this success to give freedom only to himself.

Many nights at t...

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