String of Heartstrings
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If I accomplish anything

on the playing field of life,

it is to have another soul

feel vibrations of my soul

singing through a paper cup

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Christina Crahall      5/05/19 9:58 PM

Thank you! :-)

Debbie Pinkham      5/03/19 8:29 PM

What a great start! Looking forward to more!

Christina Crahall      5/02/19 10:53 PM

Thank you so much! I am just getting started on Channillo... I will have to learn from you. :-)

Rebecca Holland      5/02/19 10:49 PM

Beautiful! I’m so exited that you are here on Channillo and that I get the chance to read more of your work. You are one of the first Poets I ever met in #WritingConnunity and I enjoy following you!