Episode Four: Parting Stare
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Chrysalis and Clan

Episode Four: Parting Stare


    His skin warmed against the caress of the sun gently filtered though wispy clouds. His flesh felt a bit taut, teetering on the edge of a sunburn as his cheeks and nose lay exposed to the midday rays. His eyes trembled and watered at the brightness searing through his closed lids, but he didn’t want to turn from the warmth. He was hot already, searing in fact, but craved the heat. More heat. All the heat he could possibly tolerate. He felt as if his bones were on the verge of melting, and he loved every bit of it. He envisioned himself stripping down, dancing naked in a ring of fire, flames licking the hair from his legs and testicles.

    He felt heavy, like gravity was bearing down especiall...

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