Episode Three: Awaken
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Chrysalis and Clan

Episode Three: Awaken


    Bleach. Sanitizer. Metal. Damp cotton. A conglomeration of scents assaulted my nose before my brain had even woken. It was an overly clean smell, yet invoked a nausea deep within my belly. I opened my eyes a slit, trying to pick some sense of where I was and what had happened. My body seemed to hint that we had been on some sort of monumental bender, and was encouraging me to sleep it off. My mind suggested otherwise. I hadn’t had a drink in years. The room was fuzzy. Very fuzzy. My eyes were dry, and blinking didn’t alleviate the parched stickiness squelching between my lids and my corneas. I lifted my hand to give my eyes a rub, and found myself tangled in a mess of tubes. I pulled back and felt...

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