Episode Nine: Eye of the Lily
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Chrysalis and Clan

Episode Nine: Eye of the Lily

    My stomach churned and my head buzzed; unfortunate byproducts of stress and a side dish of motion sickness. Steve’s old truck rocked rhythmically down the back roads into town, each bump and sway sending my stomach lurching another step towards expulsion. In my frazzled state, I had opted—well, demanded—to ride in the backseat, while Young Blue settles for shotgun. I’d had enough chit chat and social pleasantries for an entire lifetime and beyond. I just wanted to sit and wallow inside my own head, and forget everything that was going on. I leaned back against the door with my knees hugged into my chest—safety and seatbelt be damned, I mean, I’m not human anyways, right?—and stared at the nothing...

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