By K.B. Elijah

K. B. Elijah      4/05/21 1:47 AM

Gabrelle and Evo Finley bicker as much as any siblings, but when the participants in an argument are omnipotent, things tend to escalate very quickly. After the destruction of yet another a solar system, their father temporarily strips them of their powers and sends them to different planets across the galaxy, each one terrible and dangerous for their own reasons. Gabby and Evo don't have to stay there forever...just long enough to outlast the other. Because the first to use their hearthstone to return home will never regain their powers again. But the Finley twins are nothing but stubborn... ***Completed series***

K. B. Elijah      11/07/20 7:37 AM

Evo cursed as the bowstring slipped from his frozen fingers, the rawhide biting into his skin. “I think we're all learning some excellent new words today.” Evo rolled his eyes without looking around. He only knew one person who could be that chipper when it was this bloody freezing. “Don't you have anyone else you can bother?” “Plenty,” Cal said. “But none so terrible with a bow than you. I actually feel sorry for the poor thing.” Chapter Eight, Pettifog by K. B. Elijah. A completed fantasy/sci-fi series. Some swearing, some violence. Sexual references but no graphic descriptions of sex. Contains M/M romance. Enjoy :)

K. B. Elijah      7/15/20 5:09 AM

“He’s right,” Cal said quietly. “She’s provoking us into a quick death.” “No, that wasn’t what I-” “Well she’s not going to get one,” Anha said, waving an arm. The men ceased their brutal attack, leaving a bleeding girl lying in the snow. “Neverys’Olan, you will tell us all that you know. And then you will die at Cor’s mercy or mine, depending on your cooperation. I do hope you continue to struggle.” Her voice was icy, smooth. Neverys spat into the snow. “You kill me, you make war.” Anha scoffed. “You made war the moment you decided to come slithering around my camp. I will send word to your mother of your failure as a spy, accompanied by your head. She better hurry up and make a new heir, or else who knows what will happen to the esteemed clan of Olan without its leader? No more success than its god has, that’s for sure.” Laughter broke around the group. Neverys was a princess? It made sense; the feathers in her hair, which matched Anha’s and the queen’s. None of the other women seemed to wear them – maybe it wasn’t allowed. But what was she doing here, alone, in what amounted to an enemy camp? “Strip those disgusting feathers from her hair,” Anha ordered. “And keep her under both chains and guard. I don’t trust this little snake.” Neverys let out a hiss with her tongue. “Silly analogy,” she said. “Snakes come back to bite you.” Evo watched helplessly as Cal’s men dragged her away into the night. “She’s right, you know,” one of the women said quietly to Anha. “It will lead to war.” Anha looked into the Great Fire. “Good,” she said. “I will burn them all.” (Extract from chapter six of Pettifog, a completed sci-fi/fantasy series).

K. B. Elijah      6/27/20 10:26 PM

Pettifog is a completed fantasy/sci-fi series. Some swearing, some violence. Sexual references but no graphic descriptions of sex. Contains M/M romance. Approx 100,000 words. Enjoy :)