I'm in Love with an Alien: Chapter Two / Unidentified Feelings Observed
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When the alarm went off at three thirty, Becca had a harder time than usual rousing herself from her bed. Her morning anchor job was the one that actually paid the bills. She definitely needed coffee to get going this morning. She started drinking it when she landed this before break of dawn position.

Ross turned his television to WCZS at six o’clock every morning now. Chad heard his new girlfriend’s name and clued him in on the fact that he would see her smiling face by tuning in. She was about as close as you could get to being a celebrity in this part of the country.

Ross thought she did a good job. He was proud to be dating her.

Chad had found out that Ross was dating Rebecca Chamberlin from Channel Eight News, he was impressed. He referred to her as hot, but he liked...

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Table of Contents

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