I'm in Love with an Alien: Chapter One / First Encounter
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Becca started to turn her car around and go back home. Online dating just seemed so unromantic. Curiosity got the better of her. Custom Couples guaranteed their services. At least, that is what the commercial promised.

The internet site definitely had their act together. They set up the initial meeting at a public place the two matches agreed upon. If they were incompatible, Ross would not know where she lived.

He suggested they meet at Laurey’s. She had always wanted to go there, but none of her loser ex-boyfriends were classy enough for the place. She figured the least she would get from her encounter was a good meal at a nice restaurant.

As Becca entered the gray stone building, she was pleasantly surprised by the interior. The walls and tablecloths were a bright white. Crystal and gold chan...

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