Lovelorn Lodging: Chapter Three / Amicable Affection
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Byron was handsome and intelligent. He made Brigid laugh. She never shied away from commitment in the past, so what held her back this time?

Older men always appealed to her more. He blatantly flirted on a daily basis and showed no signs of wanting to leave or pursue another woman. She was certain he could find a job that paid real money.

Two months into their working relationship, and Brigid kept her heart safely under lock and key. The reason for her inability to commit constantly invaded her thoughts. Steven did a real number on her.

She had been completely in control with her first two loves. All her friends swooned over Dirk. Every girl in high school wanted to be her. She was in a committed relationship with a gorgeous, older man.

As her second semester in college began, D...

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Table of Contents

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