Chapter 55 & 56: The Bloody Shirt and The House of Gordon
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North of Citadel Bangor, Main, Unity


DUFS Captain Lucien Delaheny was irked after being pulled out of a warm, comfortable bed. Collecting some green ensign who had wandered into enemy territory was a job for a lieutenant.

Ensign Samuel Idaban had, contrary to orders, DUFS protocol, and fecking common sense, malingered off into the fog along the river in Bangor and been captured four days ago. Served the kid right. The cease-fire line in Main had been stable since forever. Every shavetail should have known where to walk! The scuttlebutt was that Idaban was lovesick over some failed patronage. Invidious system! Bad for discipline and corrosive of command, but what could you do?

Delaheny looked out the win...

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