Chapters 31 & 32: Nobody Answered and Prisoner Chiu
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Jesse toppled, flailing as he fell down the steep slope, the cold, dark water churning at the bottom, waiting for him. Facedown, he skidded to the very edge of the water. The ice creaked under his weight. The slug had destroyed the shaft of his ski pole, scattering splinters of carbon fiber along the line of his descent.

You deserve to be knocked on your ass, scorbutic old cretin!

True enough, but it’s always good to be alive-er than your enemy thinks you are.

Jesse released his pack, kicked off his skis, flipped onto all fours, and pushed the heavy pack over the ice and close to the edge of the roiling stream. He lifted it away. If someone came looking, it would seem the icy creek had claimed another body...

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