Chapters 29 & 30: Slaver's Blade and The Sniper
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Malila’s mind raced. Bear skied along behind her, easily keeping pace as she postholed laboriously toward the underpass with its burden of dead men. Bear was good at this: he was not so close that she could lunge at him nor so far away that she could make a run for it. Dripping wet despite the cold, Malila was about to duck into the snow-free cover of the bridge, when Bear motioned her to climb to the highway above.

“Up you go, Jane. We can go through the leavings after I am done with you. Right now, I need good light … and a good lookout.”

The snow here was deeper. Malila flailed on all fours, crawling to reach the highway while Bear paralleled her climb on the skis, stepping up ligh...

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