Alien Holidays
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The smells were her favorite part. They were the reason she came home for a holiday. Slow roasted ham, homemade bread, fresh garden vegetables. All of it had her salivating. Everyone knew that hobknoblins had a keen sense of smell, but when their focus was set on smelling, there was nothing they couldn’t sniff out. Make their favorite foods, and you had a recipe for disaster. She knew she had to be careful how much she ate. She wouldn’t allow herself to repeat last year. She pulled molt out of her hair for days after going home. But when her pod leader placed a plate of spadshish on the table before her, she nearly lost her mind. Se carefully took a small portion onto her plate and then added a second one. She opened her snort and dug in. She’s found heaven and the rest of her pod fell away, their prese...

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