Ghosts of Grandmothers Past
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Amanda poked at the logs on the fire with a wrought iron poker. The glowing embers flared, and a burst of woody smell filled her small living room. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, her lips turning up into a smile and a glow touching her cheeks.

She loved the smell of a burning fire. It warmed her soul and got her into the holiday spirit. It reminded her of her Grandmother who always had a roaring fire going in her own hearth. It brought back memories of roasting marshmallows, reading books, and drinking hot cocoa on her plush green rug. Amanda ran her fingers over that same carpet that now sat in front of her fireplace.

Her Grandmother had been gone for two years now, and she still missed her with an ache in her chest.

Amanda settled back against her Grandmother's antique...

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Table of Contents

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