A Snowy Hanukkah
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“Erin, bring out the hot cocoa when you come." My grandpa Saul hollered back through the open porch door. 
“Sure thing Pa," I answered as I returned to the kitchen, placed two mugs on a tray, and a bag of mini marshmallows, and a Thermo’s of Nana's famous hot chocolate. My grandparents were the warmest people I knew and no more so than at Hanukkah. Chocolate coins were in bowls on every table, matzoh balls were bubbling away on the stove, and every day the neighborhood kids would come over for dreidel and stories by the fire. 
I pushed open the back door with my foot and carefully maneuvered the drink tray behind me. Grandpa looked up at my sounds of struggle and rushed over to grab the door. 
“You must learn to ask for help, my dear." 

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Table of Contents

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