A Child's Toy
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Richard swiped a handful of snow from the closest bush and packed it tightly with his gloved hand. The sounds of giggles and an occasional squeak at someone's snowball made the mark kept him warm in the sub-freezing temperatures. He was surrounded by over 5 feet of snow, and it made for every child to dream playground and the orphanage's kids were no exception. *splat* A wet snowball hit his shin and Arabella, A six-year-old dressed in all pink, giggled with rosy cheeks before toddling off, most likely to her next victim. Richard watched as she rounded a corner and with that upon by half a dozen of her friends helping her with snow. He held his breath as she landed on her butt in the wet, I shocked expression on her face. A smile cracked, and she fell back, proceeding to make a tiny snow angel. All of her attackers la...

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