Cocoa or Tea?
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"Everyone likes hot chocolate Rachel. It's a fact."
"I don't," I said grabbing a tea bag and tossing it into a mug.
"Well, you're wrong. You have to like cocoa, how can you not? The whipped cream, the sprinkles, the rich chocolate creamy-ness." My sister licked her lips and shivered, "yum!"
"Did you describe a drink or a cupcake?" I teased.
"OH, MY GOD! That's a brilliant idea!" Jessica put her mug down and skipped over to the stainless steel counter and opened her notebook to a blank page and began frantically scribbling. 
I left her to her baking creation process and exited the clean kitchen and head back into the bakery's main room. It was only four in the morning, we didn't open for nearly an hour, and...

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