Drive Safely
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“There’s ice on the road, be safe.”
“Yes, momma,” Jeremy said kissing his mother’s cheek warmly.
“Don’t momma me boy,” she gripped his shoulders tightly, “I love you and want you safe.”
“I know, I’m sorry,” Jeremy said snatching his truck keys and skipping down the walk. His left foot slipped, “yipes!” He catches himself at the last second and waves off his mother’s frantic cries from the doorway. “He jumped in his truck and carefully pulled out of the driveway. “Siri, call Angela.” He shouted into the void. “Calling Angela.” A chirpy voice responded. After a few rings, a feminine voice filled the cab, “Jer, are you calling while you’re driving!?” 
Jeremy laughed as he sped...

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Table of Contents

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