Moochi's Legacy
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Robert, Gordo, Zippy, Chowder and me. That was the gang, thick as thieves. We grew up on the wrong side of town, and at first we gravitated toward each other simply because the rich kids could be brutal and there’s safety in numbers. But then Gordo lost two teeth in a fight saving Zippy’s hide, and Chowder and I told everyone the other guy started it, even though Zippy started it. (Zippy was always starting something.) From then on we were tight because we knew we could count on each other, and there wasn’t a lot any of us could say that about.

The other side of town had fancy baseball fields with lights and bleachers, but kids like us weren’t welcome around there. So Mr. Harrington let us play ball in the old wood lot behind his hardware store in the afternoons, just as long a...

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Table of Contents

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