Part Four: Meddling Kids (2)
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Kensei ran across the rooftops, anger fueling her steps. Her only breaks were when she used her grapple gun to cross over streets rather than drop to street level. She couldn't believe her grandmother would sic the police on her. She knew her grandmother was a mean spirited tyrant who didn't approve of Jamie's sexuality, religion, or calling. But to actually have Kensei arrested? That was too much.

The Karlsburg precinct was farther away from her lair than she normally ran on a normal night, and usually not as fast, so she soon found herself out of breath and rage, leaning against a rooftop HVAC unit.

"Hattori," a familiar voice growled.

She looked over to see Traffic Enforcer in a fresh costume. She chose not to speak.

"You don't need to play dumb. Once I stit...

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