Part Three: Pulling Off the Mask (3)
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Kensei followed along as Traffic Enforcer clung to the brick wall and limped down the alley. She hated to waste time babysitting him, but she also couldn't bring herself to just abandon him. It had taken forever to help him down from the roof, and now she was making sure he got to his car that he said was parked nearby.

She'd tried pointing out that he probably wasn't okay to drive, and could hurt people with his unsafe driving, but that didn't go over well.

"You don't have your license," he had said.

Startled, she had responded, "No, but I have my permit."

He wouldn't discuss it after that.

At the far end of the alley, she saw a police car cruise by slowly, then stop and back up. The police officer got out of the car and aimed a l...

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