Part Three: Pulling Off the Mask (2)
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Jamie plugged her StarPod in to its docking station, cranked up the volume on the speaker, and let her J-pop blast. Satisfied with the result, she sat down at her desk and glared at her textbook. It had been a long groggy day at school, and the afternoon felt even worse.

In less than a minute, there was a knock at her door.

"Yeah?" she called out.

Her dad stuck his head in. "Is everything all right? Your music is louder than usual."

"This is BABYMETAL. They write their name in all capital letters, so I figure it has to be played loud."

"Look, I get that you're upset--"

"Upset doesn't even begin to cover it."

"--but torturing me and your grandpa with whatever this is--"

"The song is called 'Doki...

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