Part Three: Pulling Off the Mask (1)
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The spirit of the house bellowed with laughter as Kensei frantically looked for a way to escape the house. She ran to the curtain hanging over the front door, only to find that the door was still in place and boarded over on the inside as well.

"Don't they realize this is a fire hazard?" she muttered.

"The world will be a fire hazard!" the spirit roared.

"Dude, I was not talking to you."

"Freeze!" a woman yelled.

Kensei turned to see one of the cultists aiming a pistol and a flashlight at her. She flinched as the light overloaded her night vision and took a moment to switch it off.

"Looks like you brought sword to a gun fight, Kensei," the woman with the gun said. "That's right, we know who you are, you third-rate poser...

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